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Mobile Themes Development

Mobile Themes Development

With the evolution of mobile devices and the ease of availability of wireless communications, more and more people visit web sites and have access to web services via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Tessera designs and develops mobile themes for websites in order to achieve better and faster experience for these users. The development team creates different versions of the website, with selected portions of the content and modified services that address the use case of a mobile device. For example, the template of the website should be specially designed for a better overview in the small screens of these devices. Also, navigation should utilize optimally the potential and the normal navigation abilities in these devices.

To develop a mobile theme we follow the best practices (Mobile Web Best Practices) of the W3C (as described at www.w3.org/TR/mobile-bp) and the Progressive Enhancement technique, which ensures the proper appearance and function of the website to all devices regardless of their different processing power and different supported features.

Mobile themes are usually developed using the Twitter Bootstrap, which is a combination of CSS and JavaScript tools helping to achieve both a reusable and responsive design across all platforms.





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