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Mobile Store App

Mobile Store App

Tessera offers retail companies an online store application specially designed for Smart phones and Tablet-PCs.

If the company has already an online store, our mobile app can integrate with it in order to synchronize product information, prices, stocks, etc.

In case the company has no online store, our mobile app can operate as an independent mobile shop with product management, pricing, etc.

The mobile app offers the following functions:

  • Product Search
  • Sorting according price, stock, alphabetically.
  • Product Categories
  • Customer Reviews
  • Shopping Cart
  • Special Offers
  • Wish list
  • Order History

The mobile store can be enriched with information about the company, such as:

  • Company profile
  • Contact details and contact form
  • Latest news (from RSS and / or Twitter)

Available in two versions; for Android and iPhone.







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