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Tessera has significant experience in designing quality educational software for Primary and Secondary education. Our company creates educational software company since its establishment in 1997 and has pursued a highly successful course with important projects, international awards and commercial success.

Tessera’s creative department specializes in designing innovative and stimulating educational games that combine learning and fun. We also develop engaging online games and simulations for all ages.  Our projects are implemented using Adobe Flash technology with ActionScript 3.0 and integrated MySQL database.

Our software is currently officially used in Greek public elementary and secondary schools as supportive educational material. We have implemented several educational applications in cooperation with the Greek Pedagogical Institute, the Greek Ministry of Education and the Greek Computer Technology Institute. We have also developed an online educational game for teaching traffic education for the Greek Ministry of Transports and Communication and a set of online educational games for the Organization of Promoting Greek Tourism.

For the majority of our educational games, particularly those delivered to institutions, we have created a special management application through which the staff of the institution can easily update the game content, with no special programming knowledge required.




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