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«The collaboration with Tessera was a pleasant experience. We were very satisfied by 4CMS platform. It's the simplest and friendliest  CMS I've seen so far..»

Spyros Papoukidis
President & Chief Executive Officer of OTS S.A


Τοπίνο - Μεβγάλ«We were very pleased with this cooperation. There was excellent communication that bringed us a very nice result.» ­

Katerina Simeonidou
Brand Manager - Milk, Juices & Coffee - MEVGAL S.A.


«TESSERA MULTIMEDIA is a reliable partner for any company that cares about its image, promotion and development.
The efficiency, politeness and immediacy are just some of the characteristics of people who work there. Always flexible, standing alongside the needs of their customers, giving their best for the best result. !» ­

Elisa Evagelinou
Department of Finance & Administrative Services - Automation Systems Ltd Greece


«4Shop covered absolutely all the requirements that I had from an online store. The most important thing is that Tessera guided (and continues to guide) me, so that i make moves that will increase traffic to shop and therefore my sales.»

George Ougiaroglou
Manager, Ango International


«­­Our company id very satisfied both by the staff of Tessera and the overall effect of the whole project.
Our e-shop is constructed in such a way that our customers can navigate easily and simultaneously get informed for all our products.­»

Dimitris Ioannidis­
General Manager, AldiPack­ -D.Ioannidis S.A.


Our cooperation was governed by:
Excellent service
Excellent professionalism
Secure transaction

 Athanasios Abatzoglou
Physiotherapist Manager of "Physiasis" Center


"Excellent cooperation, reliable and faithful to schedule, exhibit professionalism. Definitely would recommend to others because Tessera has expertise in the field and is distinguished by high professionalism."

Athanasios Kakoudis
Center of Business and Cultural Development – Development Association of Macedonia





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