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Web Design & Branding

Aesthetics, usability and functionality are the main characteristics of our applications.

Our creative department consists of specialized web designers, with many years of experience on the subject, ensuring a quality and outstanding result.

Our graphic designers will suggest to you the best color combinations and will advise you on the ideal structure, so that your website will give prestige and superiority. For an even more impressive presentation, we can incorporate eye-catching animated images using javascript, making your website stand out from the competition.

The aesthetic approach of your website will be shaped by your own choices in collaboration with the creative department of our company. Our graphical proposals will be designed especially for your business, no ready-made templates will be used. If you wish, the creative department of Tessera may also design your company’s logo.

At the beginning of the project we will design three alternative proposals for the visual appearance of your website, which will be delivered to your review. After that we will take into account your comments and requests in order to build the final template of your website according to your preferences.

Our policy is open to your special preferences and desires, so the final result fully meets the needs and image of your company.




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