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4CMS - The Flexible Content Management System

4CMS - The Flexible Content Management System
4CMS - The Flexible Content Management System

A flexible content management system for businesses and organizations that want to quickly and effectively manage the content of their site.

Designed with the latest open standards and flexible architecture, so it can be adapted to all modern requirements.

4CMS is a complete solution for the Web presence of a company or organization. It provides a website of high aesthetics and functionality, and a content management system secure and easy to use.

4CMS is suitable for dynamic sites with content management system (CMS).


  • On-line management: Interactive environment with convenient WYSIWIG editor for updating content.
  • Categorized content: Managing articles, news, press releases, useful links, etc in thematic categories (supporting text, images, video files).
  • User Management with different access rights to pages or files.
  • Newsletter: Automatic registration of recipients. Sending mail to user groups.
  • Photo Gallery: Automated photo gallery with categorization, easy management and excellent aesthetic results.
  • Product presentation - site partners: Subsystem product management for B2B.
  • Multilingual support for website content and for administration panel.



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