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4RealEstate - Real Estate classified ads software

4Real Estate4RealEstate is an online software application for building Real Estate classified ads websites.

The system is designed to be usable and simple while providing advanced search capabilities and analysis of information.

The users that visit the website can both be looking for ads that interest them or creating their own ads, using specially designed online forms that simplify and automate the process. They can also attach a collection of images of the property, which will display through an elegant photo gallery.

The management system is easy to use and allows full customization from users that do not have advanced computer skills.

4Real EstateSome of the features include:

  • Management of geographical areas (e.g. countries, counties, regions, cities, neighborhoods, etc)
  • Management of classified ads categories
  • Management of offered facilities (e.g. parking, fireplace, etc)
  • Management of useful distances (e.g. schools, public transport, beach, etc.)
  • Management of user groups with the option to be converted into a pay service with further rights to different user groups (e.g. common visitors, brokers, builders, etc.)
  • Bulk import ads from other sources
  • Statistical analysis of all the ads on various factors regarding real estate market (sales prices by year, region, etc.)

Visit our demo application: http://realestate.tessera.gr/






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