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4Booking - Online Booking System for Tourist Accommodation

4Booking - Online Booking System for Tourist Accommodation

Online booking system for tourist accommodation

4Booking is designed to ease the process of finding and booking accommodation online.

This application has been developed entirely by our company based on requirements and actual needs of a large number of our customers that own hotel businesses. So, functionality is adapted to the Greek reality and demands of Greek hotel businesses.

4Booking offers added value to your website, attracting customers and improving the image of your business. Users from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day can be updated automatically on availability of accommodation, facilities and choose to complete the booking directly on-line.

4Booking has a very simple and easy to use on-line administration tool that enables you to fully manage the booking system even if you do not have advanced computer skills. The administration tool will enable you to easily update available rooms, amenities, services, prices, payment methods and booking policy.

4Booking supports the following functions:

  • Provides a management tool for the rooms of your hotel, to effectively manage the availability of the rooms and customer charges, even for reservations that are not performed online.
  • Ability for synchronous or asynchronous online booking. If the hotelier chooses so, the reservation can be performed asynchronously. In this case, the customer will submit an online form requesting for a reservation and the manager can contact him/her to confirm availability and complete the reservation.
  • Secure electronic payments. The customer can pay via an electronic payment system in a secure environment provided by a cooperating bank, without having to give their credit card details to third parties.
  • Ability to create dynamic pages presenting your business. With aesthetics and functionality incorporated by our experienced web designers.
  •  Impressive photo galleries.
  • Newsletter application with promotional content and offers.
  • Define your own terms of use and cancellations policy per season.
  • Multilingual support for website content and for administration panel.
  • Identify the location of the hotel on a detailed map with directions to get there, via Google Maps.
  • Generate and use discount coupons to existing customers.



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