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Xanthi Chamber Web Portal

Xanthi Chamber Web PortalXanthi Chamber Web PortalXanthi Chamber Web Portal
Project title: Xanthi Chamber Web Portal
Κλάδος: Agencies & Organizations,
Type: Web Portal,
Feature: 4Portal,
Organization: Chamber of Xanthi
Address: www.ebex.gr

Tessera has designed and developed the upgraded Integrated Information Portal of the Chamber of Xanthi. The basic services provided to the Information Gateway include:

  • Business Directory
  • Categorized content
  • Phonebook
  • Contact Form
  • Links
  • Board decisions
  • Advertising members
  • Administrative structure
  • Users can register and manage their personal profile
  • Online forum
  • Surveys for members
  • Help Desk
  • Ability to create pages fom companies - members

The Portal includes a simple, easy to use content management system (CMS), which enables authorized users to update and manage content.




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