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Who we are

The R&D department of our company consists of a skillful team of specialists with great experience in designing and developing applications for mobile devices and web pages, in content management as well as in implementation of educational games and e-learning applications. In addition, the team is completed by specialized executives who carry out administrative tasks and assist in supporting operations of the company.

The key executives of the company are the following:

Gaide Sofia (President & CEO) Send an email  gaide{at}tessera.gr
Theodorakoglou Despina (Secretariat) Send an email  despoina{at}tessera.gr
Koliakou Anastasia (Customer service) Send an email  anastasia{at}tessera.gr
Avgellis Giorgos (Programming Department) Send an email  avgelis{at}tessera.gr
Shtika Leonard (Programming Department) Send an email  leon{at}tessera.gr
Shtika Mario (Programming Department) Send an email  mario{at}tessera.gr
Oikonomou Maria (Programming Department) Send an email  maria{at}tessera.gr
Koufis Antonis (Programming Department)      Send an email  koufis{at}tessera.gr
Boutsikas Christos (Programming Department)      Send an email  boutsikas{at}tessera.gr



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